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20DC Storage container MIIU5231000

2990,00 + VAT

“NEW” ONE-WAY shipping container.

All containers are manufactured in Asia.
New containers arrive to our terminal with one-way cargo to avoid transportation costs that would otherwise be added to the price of the container.

*Warranty of weather resistance for 50 years.
*The pictures correspond to the advertised container.
*The container may have minor cosmetic defects from transport.
*The sea container has a total of four links and can be fitted with 3+ locks.
*The storage container has a total of three links, which are higher than the links of the sea container and also can be fitted with 3+ locks.
*The lock guard is located in the middle of the two doors.
*Additional ventilation on the sides.
*Use first, pay after – and the discount code is “KONTEINER”.
*Sea container rental is possible upon agreement.
*Best price guarantee!
We always make the best offer for an equivalent container.

For transport we usually use crane truck or sideloader

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Light grey
Additional ventilation
Lock guard

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20DC Storage container MIIU5231000

2990,00 + VAT

    Category: 20′ (6-metre), 20′ DC Standard, New containers