Merekonteinerite, soojakute ja muu müük

* Storage container: new storage containers have an easy-open door, additional ventilation, a lock guard, and, in some cases, hinges that can be lubricated. Storage containers have been finished in such a way as to allow them to be used in domestic households for the storage of goods. Additionally, the colour tone of the container can be chosen. * Shipping container: used containers are primarily built to be as airtight as possible, as extra ventilation at sea is not beneficial. Shipping containers feature four handles for locking the door.

Plastic, wooden and thin sheet metal products are not comparable to shipping containers. Shipping containers are constructed on a sturdy frame that requires no foundation, can be lifted in one piece, and lasts for decades. In addition, shipping containers are secure and relatively fireproof. Plastic or thin sheet metal products usually require an additional foundation as well as assembly, construction, and fastening.

Containers are very easy to install and they require no foundation. However, it is important to note that containers are transported and lifted using their four corners. The same rule applies to installation: the container should be supported on all corners. Therefore, all corners should be at roughly the same level. It is not necessary to support the container in the middle, in fact, it may do more harm than good, as the end result may be more uneven.

Yes, we have a wide selection of different colours in stock at all times. If it should be the case that your desired colour is not currently in stock, we can talk and find a suitable solution. If necessary, we can paint or apply stickers on the container according to the client’s wishes. For instance, we have made many containers featuring the colours of the Olympics. As well as containers with real estate advertisements and red and white water rescue containers.

Yes. We have special vehicles to provide transport for containers of all sizes within Europe, including oversized cargo. When ordering a container, keep in mind that heavy goods vehicles will be used for transport, thus the surface should be solid and drivable. Specific transport conditions depend on the container ordered and will be agreed prior to delivery.

Yes. We will transport your container by road to your desired location in Europe or, alternatively, you can load or unload the goods in our terminal in Lagedi. We will outsource maritime transport and all necessary declarations from experts in the field with no commission fees.

The goods stored in the container must meet the maximum load allowance of the container: for example, a standard 6-metre container can hold approximately 28,000 kg of goods and be transported with this load. For reference, a regular passenger car only weighs 2,000 kg on average, thus the full capacity of the container will not usually be needed in domestic households.

Shipping containers and storage containers are primarily intended for maritime transport or storage, therefore they are extremely weatherproof and can last for decades in outdoor conditions.

Containers do not require extensive maintenance. If you store dry and clean goods in the container and do not physically damage it, it stays presentable for a long time. If the paintwork of the container gets damaged, the surfaces should be repaired to ensure longer product lifetime. In the case of new storage containers, the doors should be greased every couple of years.

No. Containers are very durable and stable – the same can be said for their value. As a result, the price differences between new and used containers are very small.

Yes, that is true! If two containers fit on one vehicle, you only pay for the transport of one container. For example, if you buy two 6-metre shipping containers from us, we can deliver and unload them using only one vehicle, thus the price of delivery stays the same.

The containers advertised on our website are all in stock in the terminal of OÜ MIIL and there is no waiting time! If you wish, you can also come see the container in person in our terminal before purchase. Our terminal is located at Valtsi 1, Lagedi, and is open Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00 and there is no need to notify us of your visit beforehand. If you have no prior experience with containers, we would be happy to introduce and show them to you.

Yes. We will store any containers purchased from us for a reasonable period of time on our premises free of charge. For example, in circumstances where the ground is too wet and the container cannot be unloaded using heavy machinery.

Yes, we buy containers of all sizes. Send us your offer together with photographs, location, and price request at

Yes. We sell new portable cabins that are unassembled in the form of panels. In most cases, we assemble the portable cabin within one week and install the door and windows included in the set in your desired location. In addition, we also have already assembled portable cabins in stock which can be delivered within a few days.

Yes. The portable cabins sold by us can be connected along the longer side to create bigger rooms. We assemble portable cabins according to your wishes in our terminal and use a crane truck to install and connect the cabins at your location.