Merekonteinerite, soojakute ja muu müük

A shipping container is a standard cargo facility used internationally for the transport or storage of goods that is in compliance with ISO requirements (ISO 6346). Shipping containers became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Malcom McLean – the Father of Containerisation – was the owner of the largest transport company at the time and sought to develop a faster and easier way to transport goods. He tested many different dimensions up until 1956 when he came up with the current standard. With the introduction of shipping containers, the price for the transport of goods plummeted from approximately 6 dollars to just a few tens of cents. As is the case with many other standards, shipping containers have a lot of exceptions. The most common containers are 20-foot or 40-foot containers, which in the metric system are 6-metre or 12-metre containers respectively, according to exterior dimensions. Containers mostly come in two sizes: low DC containers with a height of 2.59 m, and high cube (HC) containers with a height of 2.9 m. When it comes to used containers, the price differences are modest and primarily depend on the condition of the container. In addition to 20′ and 40′ containers, the following container lengths are also common:

  • 45-foot container – 13.7 m;
  • 10-foot container – 3 m.

Depending on the purpose of the container and the specific goods transported, other special types of containers are used in addition to standard and high cube containers:

  • Open Top (OT) containers
  • Double Door (DD) containers
  • Tank containers
  • Flat rack containers, i.e. a container platform with walls only on both ends
  • and others

Information on the specific dimensions of containers is available here. If you are looking for a 6 m, 12 m or any other container within these dimensions, take a look at our selection of containers.

Container structure

Shipping containers are made of durable and weatherproof steel. Corten steel has anti-corrosive properties and, when exposed to the elements or other moisture, a layer of rust forms on its surface that protects it from acidic environments. It is especially suitable for maritime transport or storage facilities. It is important to note that, in the repair of containers, original materials should be used. The strong points of containers are the corners and the base. The base of the container is made of strong wood, underneath which there are 150 mm metal beams spaced at approximately 500 mm intervals – the base can hold a lot of weight. The maximum load that containers can withstand is 25 to 28 tonnes on average, in the case of a smaller 3-metre container, the maximum load allowance is 10 tonnes. For reference, a full-size off-road vehicle is a rather light load for a container.

Why buy from Miil OÜ

If you are looking for a storage space, shed or garage for your yard, a container is an excellent and very popular choice. New storage containers have a slight advantage over shipping containers as they are fitted with lock guards, hinges that can be lubricated, more vents, as well as a main door that can be opened with one hand, to ensure that even the smallest members of the family can easily access the storage space. Miil OÜ the leading container transport and sales company in the Baltics. Our product range includes affordable used containers as well as new storage containers and portable cabins. We have more than 150 different containers available in stock – you do not have to wait for your order and you can be sure that the goods will be delivered to you! Once you have selected a suitable container and completed the ordering process, we will deliver the container to your desired location and unload it using a special container truck. Our vehicles are specifically designed for the transport of shipping containers, therefore, we can guarantee that the ordered goods will be delivered to you in exactly the same condition as they were at our terminal. Our prices are clear and transparent, and our website includes pictures of all containers together with their dimensions.