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Here is a collection of photos of our projects and the solutions we offer to our customers. Our goal is to give inspiration to everyone as to what they can do with shipping containers. Over the years, we have sold a lot of shipping containers to a lot of clients for various purposes.

TV show Naabrist parem

In 2020, we had the wonderful opportunity to sponsor the TV show Naabrist parem for the first time. As part of this show, four couples were tasked with building a container house out of two shipping containers. Below are pictures of each container and the set. As of now, there have been three seasons of the show featuring shipping containers. We hope this gives you inspiration for building your next home! The TV show Naabrist parem is available to watch here.

Blackline OÜ container storage

Blackline OÜ is our trusted partner who is engaged in the rental of storage containers across Estonia. Blackline OÜ first started renting shipping containers years ago, however, by now, they have replaced all the shipping containers with new storage containers and are providing a successful storage box service. Many of the storage containers are equipped with smart surveillance devices. Blackline OÜ has storage parks in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Keila, and Kurna. Read more about their storage service here. Blackline OÜ purchased all their storage containers from OÜ Miil, with a primary focus on user-friendliness, convenience, security, and quality. Shipping containers have hinges that can be lubricated, easy-open doors, additional ventilation to prevent moisture, and lock guards. In terms of accessories, a lot of corner locks were used to connect the containers, but the result was worth it.

Estonian flag

In 2020, we used shipping containers to construct the Estonian flag! Dimensions of the flag:

  • Width: 12 m
  • Height: 8.4 m

We used a total of five shipping containers to form the flag.

  • Blue 2 × 20′ DC
  • Black 1 × 40′ HC
  • White 2 × 20′ HC

‘Beach house’

A shipping container house with a terrace. The house consists of four shipping containers. A container house is an excellent solution because it requires no foundation. When constructed wisely, the containers can easily be detached and transported. Downstairs 2 × 40′ HC Upstairs 40′ HC and 20′ HC The doors of the white container can be closed for wintertime.

‘A cellar in 15 minutes’

A client ordered two containers from us: one was used as a shed, the other as an earth cellar. It took around half an hour to unload and install both containers. It is quite common to use shipping containers to build earth cellars, as it is a quick and affordable solution that comes in just the right size. If a smaller door is needed for an earth cellar, it is possible to cut the right-sized opening in the container. Such a solution ensures the convenient use of the earth cellar.

Storage park in Kiisa

We provided everything the client needed to build a container storage park in Kiisa. Fencing, shipping containers, and transport – all from one place. The container storage park consists of ten used shipping containers.

Quick garage

In 2021, we developed a shipping container fitted with an overhead door. Containers are available in three colour tones and equipped with quality three-point locking. The door posts and jambs are galvanised and powder-coated in accordance with the chosen colour. In addition, we also install an aluminium protective edge in all the storage containers with an overhead door. No foundation is required for containers! Overhead doors can also be installed in clients’ shipping containers in their yard.

Holiday house

A holiday house constructed from two used containers next to a pond. The house comprises two used shipping containers stacked perpendicularly. The photo below also perfectly demonstrates the durability and strength of containers. The middle part of the container is in the air and it does not affect the container at all. The top container houses a sauna and bathroom, while the bottom container features a kitchen and a living room. No foundation is needed for the house – it is placed on four rocks.

Storage container for water rescue

Containers, such as the one pictured below, can be found in different Estonian beaches. We painted the new shipping container according to the client’s wishes. In addition to painting, we also offer small-scale reconstruction of containers. For instance, containers can be fitted with a pedestrian door, overhead door, chemical bath, shelves, and much more.