Sale of sea containers, portable cabins and accessories

20DC Shipping container MIIU3555382 – PÄRNU

1690,00 + VAT

Sale of sea containers Pärnu.
In addition, we rent and sell office cabins.

Sale of sea containers Pärnu – Containers can be seen at the Pärnu Selja tee 18.
In addition to sea containers we can build a suitable mini house or cottage and transport the goods to the required location.

A sea container does not need a foundation and, for example, new sea containers are suitable for every yard in Pärnumaa.
Office cabins are suitable for a construction site or a cottage. The office cabin is supported from six points, the sea container from four points.
The new sea containers have an easy-to-open door, have additional ventilation, lock protection and a large selection of colors.
Used sea containers fulfill their purpose well, but in appearance there are various dents and scratches.

Sale of sea containers in Pärnu and transport to the site.

Used sea containers are in seaworthy condition, unless otherwise stated;
*Container doors can be opened and closed by human power.
*The ceiling of the container is intact and there are no water leaks.
*The bottom of the container is intact and can be used with a forklift or hand loader.
*There is no structural damage to the container.
*The sea container corresponds to the pictures.
* and discount code “KONTEINER” as a result
*Sea container rental 6 meters: 50.- +km/month
*Sea container rental 12 meters: 99.- +km/month

What is the price of a used container?

The price of a sea container depends on many things, but the selling price is usually directly related to the condition of the container.
In addition to the condition, the price is also affected by the purchase price, the way the container arrived at the terminal, the location of the container in the terminal and whether the container has required additional expenses, such as external washing, internal cleaning or repair. In order to better serve our customers, our sales sites are located in all major cities. The price of a container outside the capital, in turn, depends on how the container moves between the two terminals.

Sea containers for sale Pärnu – No location is too far for us.

Are you looking for a used container, a new container, a mini house or fences or outdoor toilets instead?
We can help in any case, for example, we represent the widely used and well-known Containex or ModulX products.
The office cabins and mini houses we sell are CE marked, which means that the quality is checked and it meets European requirements.
Office cabins are safe, high-quality and last for decades.
We should especially highlight the roofs of our cabins, with which there are no problems, they are rolled zinc from tin!
Sea containers are made of weather-resistant steel, paint damage does not cause penetrating rust, but a protective layer is formed on the surface.
New sea containers have a weatherproof guarantee of 50 years!
About 30 tons of goods can be loaded into the container, and then it can be lifted up with the goods and transported.
We do not offer sea transportation ourselves, but we have excellent cooperation partners to whom we can forward your request if necessary.
We offer transport with trucks on a daily basis and this is also our main business.

We usually use a crane or sideloader for transport.
We solve more difficult places with the help of a car trailer.

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Merekonteinerite müük Pärnu MIIU3555382
20DC Shipping container MIIU3555382 – PÄRNU

1690,00 + VAT

    Category: 20'DC Standard, 20′ (6-metre), Used containers