Sale of sea containers, portable cabins and accessories

20DC Shipping container MIIU1654940 – TARTU

1890,00 + VAT

Sale and rent of sea containers in Tartu.

In addition, sale and rent of office cabins in Tartu.
Containers can be seen at Tartu E-R 8-18
NB transport! We do not independently allow the customer’s heavy equipment to the Tartu terminal site.
We carry out high-quality delivery only with our own transport.

*If you buy a container from our Tallinn terminal, you can pick up the goods with your own truck.

Used sea container.

Used sea containers are in seaworthy condition, unless otherwise stated;
*Container doors can be opened and closed by human power.
*The ceiling of the container is intact and there are no water leaks.
*The bottom of the container is intact and can be used with a forklift or hand loader.
*There is no structural damage to the container.
*The sea container corresponds to the pictures.
* offers credit and discount code is “KONTEINER”
*Sea container rental: 50 + km/month

Forklift pockets

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20DC Shipping container MIIU1654940 – TARTU

1890,00 + VAT

    Category: 20'DC Standard, 20′ (6-metre), Used containers